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MATRIX Industries Mercury Boost Converter Prototyping Kit Product Introduction

5/26/2023 9:05:07 AM


The MATRIX Industries Mercury Boost Converter Prototype Kit is built around a mercury energy harvesting boost converter. This kit is ideal for IoT sensor applications that can harness energy from low temperature differences without the need to replace or recharge batteries. The board includes an ultra-low Power consumption 16-bit microcontroller (MCU) with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), pre-programmed with a beacon application.


VOC: Cold start occurs at open circuit voltage VOC=24mV and maximum VOC=500mV

VOUT: Maximum output voltage VOUT=3V

System: The system standby current is 600nA

Effective: Active current is 1.2mA for 100ms, producing 300uJ per measurement/transmission

Block Diagram

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