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About Us

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HT ELECTRONICS (HK) Co.,LIMITED was founded in 2006. The company has more than 60 employees, including 2 overseas returnees, MBA2, and more than 50 college students, occupying 400 square meters of senior office, including: international, domestic sales, procurement, enterprise planning, technology, customer service, etc; The annual sales volume of Huantong is more than 80 million, and the average annual sales volume is expected to exceed 100 million in the future; The company's customers are distributed in major cities in Europe, America and Asia. 

HT ELECTRONICS follows two development lines of agency and independent distribution, and the whole line of agency of Intel, Altera, and Xillinx brands; It has a mature sales and procurement team, a strict quality management system and a stock of major IC brands in the world, and has established procurement centers and export centers in many countries and cities in the world.

His domestic company Shenzhen Huantong Electronics was found in 1997. Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the principle of "credibility first, customer first" and has been recognized and trusted by customers at home and abroad. Due to the need of business development, Huantong passed the national audit and had the "import and export right" in 2006, and also passed the ISO9000 quality management system authorization certification. Huantong is a general taxpayer and can provide 13% of the value-added tax receipts. Huantong Electronics focuses on the procurement and sales of electronic components and inventory of discontinued electronic components, with more than 10 million kinds of electronic components, covering hundreds of component manufacturers. Huantong Electronics is updating and replenishing its inventory every day. 95% of its electronic components are purchased from manufacturers, global authorized dealers, OEMs and CEMs. In order to ensure that customers receive products without quality problems, Huantong Electronics has established a complete inspection process to strictly control the procurement channels and quality control. Each batch of goods purchased should be strictly tested. Only goods without quality problems can be delivered to customers. You can rest assured that Huantong Electronics will deliver the components you need to your hands on time. To choose Huantong is to choose comfortable service, to choose assured quality, and to choose long-term partners.

Advantage brands: Intel, Altera, Xillinx, AD, ST, TI, Microchips, NXP, Infinion, Cypress, Maxim, TDK, MURATA, AVX, MOLEX, TE, Samtec, Phoenix, Weidmuler.....