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Qorvo PAC5532EVK1 Evaluation Kit Product Introduction

5/26/2023 9:40:41 AM


The Qorvo PAC5532EVK1 evaluation kit is used to evaluate and develop Arm® Cortex®–M4F microcontroller-based motor control applications. The kit contains the PAC5532 power application controller (MCU)\MOSFET inverter and a debug header for serial interface, and GPIO signals for debugging and evaluation. The PAC5532EVK1 works with Qorvo's BLDC/BEMF or FOC firmware and Windows GUI.


Ideal for High Voltage (Up to 60V Absolute Maximum Voltage) General Purpose Power Supply Applications and Controllers

Single IC PAC5523 with configurable PWM output\ADC input\I2C\UART\SPI communication port and GPIO

Provides gate drive for up to three half-H-bridge (three-phase) inverters

Schematic \ BOM \ layout can be provided


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