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Introduction, features, and applications of Azoteq IQS7221E ProxFusion sensor IC

3/5/2024 9:10:00 AM

Abstract: Axial fusion device designed for rotational and angle sensing applications.

Azoteq IQS7221E ProxFusion sensor IC

The Azoteq IQS7221E ProxFusion sensor IC is an axial fusion device designed for rotation and angle sensing applications. The sensor IC includes ProxFusion channels for integrated UI applications, quadrature outputs for replacement product insertion, and a virtual flywheel UI for more intuitive scrolling. The operating voltage range of the IQS7221E sensor IC is 2V to 3.5V. The sensor IC is available in WLCSP18 (1.62mm x 1.62mm x 0.5mm) and QFN20 (3mm x 3mm x 0.5mm) packages. Typical applications include scroll wheels for computer peripherals, mechanical and optical rotary encoder replacements, adjustable knobs, mouse wheels and motor encoders.


  • Highly flexible ProxFusion devices

  • Hall effect angle sensor:

    • 4 Hall board

    • Supports on-axis orientation

    • 16-bit absolute angle output

    • Less than 1° resolution, calculated on-chip

    • Relative/absolute rotation angle

    • Detect movement and direction of movement

    • wide working range

    • Automatic Tuning Implementation (ATI)

    • Mechanical ratchet automatic synchronization

  • ProxFusion Channel:

    • Supports a self- or mutual-capacitance sensor

    • Ultra-low power touch wake-up

    • Fully Automatic Tuning Implementation (ATI) with adjustable sensitivity

  • Sensor flexibility:

    • Internal voltage regulator

    • Hall measurements require no external components

    • I(2)C interface and IRQ line

  • Designed to be simple and support:

    • PC software for debugging and configuring for optimal performance

    • Magnets and Mechanical Constraints, Guidelines and Best Practices

  • Multiple integrated UI:

    • Proximity and touch events on ProxFusion channels

    • Proximity wake-up from ultra-low power mode

    • hysteresis interval mode

    • Event modes with configurable angle changes, intervals, or touch/agent events

    • Quadrature Independent Output Hall Measurements

    • Virtual flywheel UI

  • 2V to 3.5V supply voltage range

  • Small Package:

    • WLCSP18 (1.62mm × 1.62mm × 0.5mm), staggered 0.4mm × 0.6mm pitch

    • QFN20 (3mm × 3mm × 0.5mm), 0.4 mm pitch


  • Scroll wheel for computer peripherals

  • mouse wheel

  • Applications require flexible UI options with sensor fusion

  • Mechanical and optical rotary encoder replacement

  • Adjustment and control knobs

  • Motor encoder

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