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Introduction, features, and applications of Azoteq IQS7320A ProxFusion IC

3/5/2024 9:15:00 AM

Abstract: Multi-channel device with auto-tuning and long-term environmental tracking.

Azoteq IQS7320A ProxFusion IC

The Azoteq IQS7320A ProxFusion IC is a multi-channel inductive sensing device suitable for applications requiring multiple trigger points and fast reporting rates. Trigger level UI allows for adjustable trigger point sensitivity, resulting in a better user experience in terms of class sensitivity and power consumption. This integrated circuit features auto-tuning and long-term environmental tracking. The IQS7320A IC operates over a voltage range of 2.2V to 3.5V and a temperature range of -40°C to 85°C. Typical applications include mechanical keyboards, waterproof buttons (inductive), trackpads, remote controls and game controllers.


  • Highly flexible ProxFusion devices

  • Up to 4 inductive sensors

  • Adjustable trigger point detection for each sensor

  • Reporting rate greater than 1kHz

  • Synchronized matrix column key scan

  • RF Immunity

  • Sensor flexibility:

    • Automatic sensor tuning for optimal sensitivity

    • Internal voltage regulator

    • On-chip noise filtering

    • Trigger point detection hysteresis

  • Configurable power modes for optimal response rate and power consumption

  • I(2)C communication interface with IRQ/RDY (up to +1MHz)

  • 2.2V to 3.5V wide input supply voltage range

  • Working temperature range -40℃~85℃

  • QFN20 package (3mm x 3mm x 0.5 mm) - 0.4mm pitch


  • mechanical keyboard

  • Waterproof button (sensor type)

  • Touchpad force touch

  • remote control

  • Game Controller

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