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Introduction, features, and applications of onsemi CEM102 analog front end (AFE)

3/5/2024 9:20:00 AM

Summary: Designed for very low power continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) and similar applications.

onsemi CEM102 analog front end (AFE)

The onsemi CEM102 Analog Front End (AFE) is designed for extremely low power continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) and similar applications using amperometric measurements, where very low current sensing is required. The sensor's small size and low power consumption help further miniaturization and extend battery life in various end applications. The CEM102 analog front end (AFE) is designed for use with the onsemi RSL15 Bluetooth 5.2 wireless MCU. This sensor detects abnormal sensor status and wakes up the host processor. The CEM102 analog front end (AFE) features extremely low system current consumption. Typical applications include continuous glucose monitors, IoT sensor devices, and wearable devices.


  • Full dual-channel solution for electrochemical measurement (CEM102+RSL15)

  • Supports 1, 2, 3 or 4 electrodes

  • Extremely low system current consumption

  • High-resolution ADC, bias settings for several DACs, and factory trimmed system

  • Detect abnormal sensor conditions and host processor wake-up

  • Small footprint


  • continuous glucose monitor

  • IoT sensor devices

  • wear.

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