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Introduction, characteristics, and applications of onsemi NVBLS0D8N08X single n-channel power mosfet

3/5/2024 9:25:00 AM

Summary: Packaged in a 5mm x 6mm planar leaded package for efficient design.

onsemi NVBLS0D8N08X single n-channel power mosfet

Onsemi NVBLS0D8N08X single n-channel power mosfets are packaged in a 5mm x 6mm planar lead package for efficient design. onsemi NVBLS0D8N08X mosfet features wettable side options for enhanced optical inspection ensuring quality control. The mosfet is AEC-Q101 certified for automotive applications.


  • Small footprint (5mm x 6mm)

  • Low R (DS(upper))

  • Low QG and capacitance

  • NVMFWS1D5N08X - Wettable flank option

  • Passed AEC-Q101 certification and has PPAP capabilities

  • Passed lead-free certification


  • switching power supply

  • Power switches (high-side driver, low-side driver, h-bridge, etc.)

  • 48v system

Application circuit diagram

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