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Introduction, characteristics and applications of Texas Instruments SN74AHC1G02/SN74AHC1G02-q1 positive nor gate

2/9/2024 9:25:04 AM

Summary: Single 2-input NOR gate that performs the Boolean function Y = A × B or Y = A + B in positive logic.

Texas Instruments SN74AHC1G02 SN74AHC1G02-q1

The SN74AHC1G02/SN74AHC1G02-q1 2-input positive NOR gate contains a single 2-input NOR gate that performs the Boolean function Y = a × B or Y = a + B in positive logic. The Texas Instruments SN74AHC1G02-Q1 device is qualified for AEC-Q100 automotive applications.


  • Operating range 2V to 5.5V

  • The maximum output power is 6.5ns at 5V

  • Low power consumption, 10µA Max I(CC)

  • ±8mA 5V output driver

  • Schmitt trigger action on all inputs allows the circuit to tolerate slower input rise and fall times


  • infotainment

  • printer

  • camera

  • PC, laptop

  • Electrometer

  • body control module

  • Alarm or tamper detection circuit

  • Therefore the door latch

Functional block diagram

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