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Introduction, characteristics, and applications of Texas Instruments TPS2295x-Q1 single-channel load switch

2/9/2024 9:30:02 AM

Summary: Supports a maximum continuous current of 5A and operates within an input voltage range of 0.7V to 5.7V.

TPS2295x-Q1 Texas Instruments

The Texas Instruments TPS2295x-Q1 single-channel load switch features controlled switching. The device contains an n-channel MOSFET that can support a maximum continuous current of 5A and operates over an input voltage range of 0.7V to 5.7V.

Integrated Power Good (PG) threshold and adjustable undervoltage lockout (UVLO) provide powerful power sequencing and voltage monitoring. The device's adjustable rise time control significantly reduces inrush current for a wide variety of bulk load capacitors. This feature reduces or eliminates power supply droop. The switch is independently controlled by an on-off input (EN) and can interface directly with low voltage control signals. To quickly discharge the output when the switch is disabled, a 15 ohm on-chip load is integrated into the device. Enhanced Quick Output Discharge (QOD) remains effective after the device is powered off to complete output discharge.

The Texas Instruments TPS2295x-Q1 is available in a small, space-saving 10-SON package with an integrated thermal pad that allows for high power consumption. The device is characterized for operation in the free air temperature range of -40°C to +125°C.


  • Suitable for automotive applications

  • AEC-Q100 qualified

    • Equipment temperature level 1 (environmental operating temperature range -40℃~125℃)

  • Integrated single-channel load switch

  • Input voltage range is 0.7V to 5.7V

  • Resistor R

    • R(ON) = 14 milliohms at V(IN) = 5V (V(BIAS) = 5V)

  • 5A maximum continuous switching current

  • Adjustable undervoltage lockout threshold (UVLO)

  • Adjustable voltage monitor with power good (PG) indicator light

  • Adjustable output slew rate control

  • Enhanced fast output discharge survives power loss (TPS22954-Q1 only)

    • 15 ohms (type) discharges 100µF in 10ms

  • Reverse current blocking when disabled (TPS22953-Q1 only)

  • Enable automatic restart after monitoring failure detection

  • Thermal shutdown

  • Low quiescent current ≤50µA

  • SON 10-pin package with thermal pad

  • ESD performance test

    • 2kV HBM and 750V CDM


  • Infotainment and cluster head unit

  • Automobile cluster display

  • ADAS Surround View System ECU

  • Body control modules and gateways

Simplified schematic

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